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Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Subject:Bondingfest 07(finally!!)
Time:6:11 am.
Mood: awake.
I've been up all night and still have a while to go before everyone gets up,so I figure I'll post the Bondingfest 07 pictures so I won't feel guilty next time Corey IMs me.

Corey,by the way,was soooo cool.I was nervous I would be all awkward,because I'd never had the experience of"meeting"someone after having had conversations with them like,all the time on the Internet before.But we got along great and had a lot of fun.Her mom accurately said that we were two peas in a pod.^__^Here's pictures!!
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Monday, August 6th, 2007

Subject:Things that have happened since I last posted
Time:10:13 pm.
Mood: ouch--in pain.
Things that have happened since I last posted:

1.I was disappointed in Deathly Hallows.Long separate post required for that,so I won't even go into it.

2.Joined Facebook,am now a social-networking website conformist.But I found a New College community,and the people there ROCK.

3.Found out today about my roommate.Her name is Kathleen Moore,and she's from New Haven in Connecticut.The college didn't give me anything other than her name and address and e-mail,literally,so I'm going to e-mail her tonight.(Don't know whether she's gay yet...let's keep crossing our fingers,folks![Hahaha.])

4.Went boating with some family friends yesterday.Came back sunburned like an earthworm on the sidewalk and sore in the arms.I DID put on sunscreen,but I forgot to re-apply,and my arms are sore because I went tubing and had to hang on for dear life(seriously,our friend who was driving the boat was crazy).

That's all,Chelsea wants to get on now.
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Time:9:50 pm.
Mood: okay.
Hello LiveJournal chums,
Haven't been updating lately because there's not a whole lot to report.Just got back from a trip to New York to pick up Chelsea from Dad's/spend time with Mom's friends for her birthday.I went to see Harry Potter with her friend Sue,who awesomely wore a cloak she had made herself for a Reniassance festival while I wore my wizard's robes and Sorting Hat.'Twas fun.The movie was probably better than all the other ones so far,but I don't really like the movies--I just see them out of loyalty to the fandom.(8-B)

Otherwise,the other big summer movie I'm into is Transformers.I saw it for the second time today.Good fun.If you want some good summer entertainment,go see it,it's cool.

I still haven't heard from New College about my roommate,but I did sign up today for a New College e-mail account.Other than that,I've got most of my dorm stuff.Oh yeah,and I'm taking bets that my roommate is going to be a lesbian.I don't know why,but I've had this running joke about my gut feeling that my roomie is going to be gay.Let's keep our fingers crossed!;-p

Just got my AP Exam results yesterday.Guess who got fives on BOTH of her tests?!?Yep,that's right.I wasn't expecting to do that good on Psychology,because I was sick like a dog when I took it,but I did well,apparently.Mrs.Blankenship,my AP English teacher,just sent around a mass e-mail to all her students and congratulated us.She said only four people got fives and I was one of them,and she announced my name and the other three in the e-mail.I should really tell her not to feed my ego;it's already running a risk for diabetes.

Sooo...not a whole lot else.I miss you guys who are away!KRIS LEWIS!!!I was going to have you over for dinner before you left,but you left sooner than I thought!!BAD KRIS!::smacks your nose with a rolled-up newspaper::Taylor,I miss yoooouuuuu!Sorry I got so un-original with your present.You didn't give me a whole lot to work with("I don't know,just get me whatever!"isn't conducive to fabulous gifts,Taylor!!)But I hope you liked your card.(ROTFL.)I'll be thinking of you guys at the Harry Potter release!Hopefully I'll see Kelley Rojas and maybe even Jeff Woodard there.But I'll miss our lock-ins!

That's all for now,you guys.Hopefully I'll ahve something interesting to talk about soon so you don't all have to go for weeks,sitting at your computers,wondering,"WHEN will Marisa post again?!"(::snerk::)

PS--I got myself a new DVD camcorder and sold out and got an iPod as graduation presents to myself.Hopefully I'll figure out how to get videos on here soon so you can all see them.
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Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Subject:The Mission Trip:Of Rednecks,Uber-Christians,and My First Crush in Four Years
Time:10:50 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
So...I got back from the church Youth Group mission trip to Savannah today.It was cool.I won't talk about the stuff in the subject line too much...except for the crush thing.Yeah.

So basically,this is the first crush or anything resembling it I've had since freshman year,with the infamous Merkin Disaster(not to be confused with the Stricklin Affair,also known as the Stricklin Fiasco).I was kinda starting to worry about myself,because I seriously haven't even had a crush on a celebrity in all that time,so I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me--that's all I need,to be an asexual atheistic vegetarian with Tourette Syndrome.But Taylor-with-a-penis helped me see it wasn't me,it was my surroundings that were inconducive to romance with his subtle comment,"There's nothing wrong with you,you're just surrounded by idiots."To which I replied,"Oh my God,you're right!Jupiter High School is just in an intellectual wasteland where I can't relate to anyone enough to like them that much!I thought so,but still,I was worried."So since I'd already resigned myself to being boyfriend-less until college,I felt more okay about doing the same thing with crushes too.

Enter Andy,the YouthWorks counselor.

I got to the school we were staying at,and everybody at these things is always really friendly,so I'm mingling and talking about my plans for college and how I want to major in Creative Writing,and everybody would say,"Oh,you're doing Creative Writing?You should go talk to Andy,he's majoring in it too."So I met Andy and we got talking,and we were buddying around and by maybe Wednesday or Tuesday,I was a tad smitten.He has a great personality,sense of humor,nerdiness,all that good stuff,and he wasn't hot,but he had the body type in like in guys.So you know me,I over-think everything,and I figured it couldn't work out because
a.)I couldn't stop seeing him as an adult,even though he's only a year older than me,
b.)It would be a long-distance thing,since he's going to college at the University of Arizona,and
c.)He's an uber-Christian,which I don't see as a bad thing,but eventually it would get out that I'm...not an uber-Christian,and that might cause some ideological conflict.


Well,I didn't do anything about it,but he and his group had to leave a day early because they had to set up their site in Birmingham,so I got his e-mail and we hugged and he left.And I missed him.But I said as we were hugging goodbye,"Thanks for palling around with me and ...talking to me about writing and stuff."And he said,nodding confidently and reasssuringly,"You'll make it.I'll look for your books."Cue little warm,internal flutters in the chest and stomach regions.

So then I got home and told my mom about it(her reaction disappointed me,considering I haven't had a crush in literally years and she's had to listen to me whine about it for so long.I think maybe she wasn't really listening at first,she was reading the mail.)but Chelsea,who was also on the trip said,"Andy?Awwww!"and then when I said I figured it couldn't work out,she said,"Well,he has a girlfriend who he was talking on the phone to."Urk.I should have known.Possibly the best lesson I learned in the Stricklin Fiasco was that all the best men are either taken or gay.

So anyway,I've got his e-mail and I'm gonna say hi to him...in a totally platonic,non-flirtatious way.]:-[I probably won't get a reply for a while,though;he said he might not be able to check his e-mail all summer.So,that's the story about my Mission Trip crush.

PS--Taylor,I'm sorry I missed your party!!
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Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Subject:The last day of my childhood
Time:7:33 pm.
Mood: very depressed.
Today is the last day of my childhood.It's completely depressing.Not because I spent it all doing homework and am going to spend tonight watching a Netflix movie I don't want to watch with my mom and sister,but because I can't call myself a child or a teenager anymore.I'm kind of having a minor identity crisis about that.I don't care about all the stuff I can do when I'm eighteen--everyone seems to think being able to vote when no one listens to you and buy cigarettes and porn and lotto tickets is a good payoff for your childhood,that's what they've been trying very weakly to console me with--I won't be able to reasonably call myself a child or teenager anymore,and that's been a fairly big part of my identity.So now my identity's going to change whether I want it to or not and there's nothing I can do about it.People keep telling me I can do whatever I want when I'm an adult,I don't have to act my age,but it's not about that.It's about the way I think of myself--THAT'S going to have to change,and it's depressing as heck.It's scary.And yes,eighteen IS an adult.You get legal status,and in a culture where there aren't strict roles about what an adult does or who's an adult and who's not,that's all there is to go by.Everyone is telling me,"But you're only eightTEEN."The name of the number doesn't mean anything.Legally,I am an adult.I mean,I've been waiting to be able to be free of my dad and have some of the basic human rights I've been denied,for example,for years,but I figured the transition from child to adult would be more smooth and gradual.Then my stupid mother won't shut up with her reality-in-the-face line about how my childhood's been over for years--which it hasn't,it's just been a sucky childhood--she can't understand that sometimes people need to hear what they want to hear when they ask you for consolation--and it just feels like no matter what I say,I can't make anyone understand what I'm saying.They either tell me that--that I haven't been a child for years--or that I can still be a child when I'm eighteen...which I can't.I can't go around claiming legal status and still say I'm a child or a teenager.And I can't not consider myself an adult either.That's called immaturity.I told Mom I wanted to see a shrink a few months ago about this and some other stuff,and she said she'd let me get someone,but I still haven't,and I feel like she's not making this a priority.She says we don't have a lot of money right now so we need to find someone who takes our insurance,and I can understand that,but I feel like she only thinks about this when I bring it up,and she yelled at me for nagging her or something about it a while ago,so I stopped.We looked on the Internet and the phone book for doctors once a few months ago and then we didn't do anything and we haven't done anything else about it since.Last night with Taylor and Steven and Andy at Downtown at the Gardens was probably the most teenager-y thing I've ever done,and it was two days before I stopped being a teenager.I'm just so depressed about this.Please don't e-mail me or IM me about this post,because I don't really want to talk.I just feel really,really emo right now.Next time you see me I'll be...I don't even know what I'll be.

PS--3 hours and 50 minutes left of my childhood and my identity as I know it.

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Subject:RIP Satchet
Time:11:29 pm.
Mood: crushed.
My car is going to be totalled.:'-(

This is what I was really bummed out about about the whole thing.I loved that car,it was such a good car.They decided it wasn't worth it economically to fix it,so that's why they're doing it.Now I have to decide if I'm going to get another car and have it for four months before I go to college and can't have a car there.If I don't have a car,I'll probably have to quit my job over the summer,because Mom has to work and can't drive me.

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Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Time:11:50 pm.
Mood: okay.
Well,to sum up my past few LJ-challenged weeks,I got accepted to New College(but not Bard--they were losers anyway),and got into a car accident so now my car's in the shop.Oh,and Bianca and Zoe kissed.
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Monday, January 15th, 2007

Subject:Zarf Update #1(God,I'm sick,I'm doing this now?)
Time:9:52 pm.
Mood: happy--Corey digs my poem.
An update on the other day's post in re the soap:

I was thinking of making an icon for myself sayng"I ship Bianca/Zarf",although I probably wouldn't have anyone know what I was talking about--then again,someone on LJ would have to know what I meant,right?I might do it anyway.

Anyway,it's kind of a moot point,because on today's episode,Maggie,Bianca's old flame,came back to Pine Valley and the coming attractions show her begging Bianca to take her back and Zarf turning him/herself in(even though we know he didn't really do it).(The drugs they found on him aren't poison,they're hormones!!Duh!)
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Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Time:10:42 pm.
Mood: tired from typing.
Hey all.Sorry I haven't posted in a while.I didn't trust myself to post while I was at Dad's,and I didn't want to talk about what happened afterwards,and then I was a little unsure how to break the silence after that.SO...a few updates.

1.I GOT ACCEPTED TO MY SAFETY SCHOOL.I know I already posted this,but I also got a letter a little afterwards saying they'd give me an $11,000 a year scholarship if I go there.Eleven thousand A YEAR.Yeah.But they're my last-ditch school.I should hear from New College this week,and I think I have a good shot of getting in.Bard,I don't know about so much.If New College won't take me,I'll have to choose between Bard and Eckerd.Not really a hard choice...and yet it is.

Bard:Expensive tuition
Eckerd:$11,000 a year scholarship

Bard:in New York,far away,except for the fact that Dad will probably insist on imposing his presence on me whenever he feels like it
Eckerd:At a comfortable distance from home,in St.Petersburg,a pretty town within driving distance of home and other fun things in Florida

Bard:Seems pretty hard-core and a little too into the math-and-science thing that I hate

Bard:Seems A LOT like New College atmospherically
Eckerd:Too easy to get into,likely full of Neanderthals like here,and I know for a fact there's a significant preppy contingency.In other words:quite possibly Jupiter High School all over again.

2.Robin,thank you for the Amazon.com gift certificate(we'll probably get out thank-you cards out sometime around...March.::shuffles feet,stares at ground::But we'll get them out.And Mom will send out your stuff ASAP,I promise.),which I have used to purchase myself several books from a new series of mine and Naked,David Sedaris's memoirs.The series is called Everworld,and it's by one of my favorite authors,KA Applegate,who does the Animorphs books.These books are really good.I'm hooked now.It's edgier and for an older audience than the Animorphs books--like they actually curse instead of using cute-but-annoying euphemisms(which,surprisingly,I like,I don't know why),they have a whole big thing about this female character who believes in women in combat positions,but never expected to have to go into battle with swords against Vikings...stuff like that.And unlike the Animorphs books,the reader is told the kid's full names and that they're from Chicago,which I guess makes it more...real or something.It's about these four kids from Chicago's suburbs who get sucked into this parallel universe that the ancient gods of all the ancient cultures created to escape from our world--my guess is that it has something to do with the spread of Christianity--and they're all living right alongside each other,so you've got the Vikings going to war for Loki against Huitzilopoctli's Aztecs,and meanwhile these kids from the modern world are stuck here,trying to survive and learn how to use swords and eat ancient food and all that.It's cool.Applegate makes it all really realistic with the way she describes stuff.She's VERY good with description,that's one of the things I'd like to emulate from her--like she'll describe an alien,and she'll give you this great idea of how it looks,and a few issues later,they'll have a picture of it on the cover,and it'll be a lot like what you imagined from the description.Or else she can convey feelings well,like how the kids feel when they go into battle.And the characters are cool too.I like David the best,he's the leader of the group and he's got this really obnoxious ego and machismo thing going on,but he's endearing because you know he does it out of this huge insecurity and you feel for him even when you're annoyed by him.

3.My mom's soap opera,All My Children,has a new character,and I love him.Yes,I admit I watch soaps with my mom,but just this one,and it's the daily re-runs they show on Soapnet at night,and it's a bonding thing me and her and Chelsea do.The character's name is Zarf--yes,Zarf,he's a rockstar and that's his stagename he goes by all the time--and between the charcter and the actor,I thought he was interesting and charming and intriguing.

And then we found out he's trangendered.


They had this whole episode devoted to his tearful coming-out to Bianca--who's a lesbian,she's Erica Kane's daughter--while wearing women's clothing and makeup,which was very moving and a good peice of acting for a soap,but Bianca didn't believe him,she thought he was just trying to get a lesbian in bed and she still thinks this even after her new-found doctor half-brother Josh told her there is such thing as gender identity disorder,and Babe,who's trying not to have an affair with Josh and has no credibility becuase every time her borderline-personality-disorder husband tries to kill someone,she defends him--told Bianca,who she used to be friends with but isn't anymore because she tried to steal Bianca's baby that she believe Zarf and that she doesn't think he's the serial killer who's murdering all the women in the csometics company where all the 20-something women in the town work,including Bianca and her sister and Babe.(Whew.)It's really annoying that Bianca's being such a witch about this,because the audience all believes Zarf--or Zoe,as she prefers to think of herself--and Bianca's usually the caring compassionate one on the show,AND as Babe points out,she's a lesbian,she should know better.BUT--Zarf's now on the opening theme-song-montauge thing,which means he's a regular character now...which of course also means he's not the serial killer,because if he was,he'd be on and off the show.Anyway,I was thrilled that this character I loved anyway got to be affiliated with one of my causes,AND I think the actor should get a daytime Emmy.


That was a long post,wasn't it?Well,I'm all done now,now you can go.
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Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Subject:Boundaries,please?Can I please have my boundaries back?
Time:10:02 pm.
Mood: I hate my Dad.
My dad's already awkward-tizing this visit because he has to do things HIS way.Right from when we got off the plane and through the car ride home,the atmosphere was really nice and comfortable and un-awkward--almost awkwardly so,if that makes sense:I'm used to feeling really sullen and going mostly silent and getting uncomfortable as soon an my dad shows up,but Lauren wasn't there at the airport to pick us up with Dad,and we were getting along really well and everything.That went on into today,and while we were in the car driving to visit my dying aunt who's staying at my witchy aunt's house(that's almost literally true--one of my reletives believed for a while that this aunt was a witch and her husband was a warlock.I'm dead serious.)we were driving along and I was falling asleep and Dad HAPPENS to choose this time to""tell""us that Lauren's father,who I only just met a few hours ago,has bought me and Chelsea a Christmas gift and Dad's going to buy him something from us.We had no say in the matter.And I put the word"tell"in quotes because he knew I was half-asleep and not really processing what was going on around me,so this would be a good time to impart the information without me arguing,so he could say he'd told us when I argued later on.He KNOWS perfectly well how I feel about gifts from Lauren and her family,and that I've told him--and fought with him--NUMEROUS times about it.And yet he persists.Because he wants to ingratiate himself and us to this family we don't want anything to do with and don't,for any reason,have to have anything to do with.So I have to talk to him about it now,but it's gonna result in a fight,no doubts about it.I ONLY MET THE MAN AFTER I WAS TOLD HE'D BOUGHT ME A GIFT.IS THIS NOT WEIRD??AM I MISSING SOMETHING?!?!

And that's only half of it.Dad's bringing us the day after Christmas--and probably Christmas Eve too--to Lauren's family's house for a celebration of some sort that I know will involve all the Long Island-trash-y relatives giving me gifts although I've told Dad I DON'T WANT GIFTS FROM LAUREN OR HER FAMILY.He should have told them this but purposely didn't because he's trying to be their boy,and he knows I'm in no position to do it and if I reject their gifts it'll be a big awkward fiasco.And they don't know me,they know I'm a female between the ages of 13 and 18,so they get me things I don't need and never use,such as makeup and bath products.I'm still waiting for the sweatshirts/sweaters to come rolling in:for some reason,people love to give me sweatshirts to use in Florida,and I have literally more than I need:I have a whole bunch in my closet I've never tried on.They'll assume that since I live in Florida,I have no warm clothes and am probably unprepared for winter up here,so they'll lavish all sorts of girly warm-weather stuff on me that I DON'T WANT.

I have to figure something out now.Last year they sprang gifts on me,because I wasn't expecting anything,and I was flabbergasted so I smiled and said thank you and tried to"forget"them at the house,but I ended up having to bring them home and donated them.That's made them think they can do the same this year.I'm not standing for it.I don't know these people,I don't want them in my lives,I am in no way,logically or otherwise,obligated to HAVE them in my life,and their stupid creepy middle-school sons I was expected to hang out with last year were creepy and juvenile and middle-school-boy-ish and wanted to have sex with me.::cringes::I HATE CHRISTMASES WITH MY DAD.Now I have to go downstairs and watch an Elmo Christmas special with them they rented from Netflix,and later I'm expected to do a family-like tree-decorating with them.::shudders::I want my boundaries baaaaack....
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Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Subject:College update #1
Time:10:51 pm.
Mood: good.
I got accepted to my saftey school,Eckerd College in St.Petersburg.

Of course,it's not like applying there is a big thing for me.I would have been really bummed if I hadn't gotten in.;-)
But,at least now,if I DO manage not to get into my other schools(I don't want to get my hopes up by saying it,but I think I have a good shot of getting into my #1 choice,New College of Florida in Sarasota.Bard in New York,I'm not so sure about,but that's only if I don't get into New College)I can bring Comey-cat!They allow pets there.:-)Mom insists Comet's not going to college and he'd hate it there,but what does she know?Comet will love college life!8-)(Besides,the poor little thing will be miserable without me when I go away:I'm the only person in the world he really likes.)

Speaking of said fluffy monster,I need to change his litter box and he is reminding me of it right now.So I will go do that.

PS--Tomorrow after school I'm leaving for my dad's in New York until the 1st.I should be able to get on the Internet while I'm there,but expect a few angry LJ posts.Just a heads up.
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Monday, December 18th, 2006

Subject:I love this song
Time:8:48 pm.
Mood: Should be doing homework.
by Regina Spektor

I never loved nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind all this music

And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart

And suppose I never met you
Suppose we never fell in love
Suppose I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft
Suppose I never ever saw you
Suppose we never ever called
Suppose I kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall
Just to break my fall
Just to break my fall
Break my fall
Break my fall

All my friends say that of course its gonna get better
Gonna get better
Better better better better
Better better better

I never love nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting by heart truly
I got lost
In the sounds
I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
I hear in my mind
All this music
And it breaks my heart
It breaks my heart

I hear in my mind all of these voices
I hear in my mind all of these words
I hear in my mind all of this music

Breaks my
Breaks my heart

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Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Subject:To heck with MY life,there's fandom news to report!!
Time:12:03 am.
Mood: ecstatic.
There's drama going on with my dad aqnd we got a tree today,but I've got something way cooler to report.Namely,THE WACHOWSKI'S NEW MOVIE PROJECT.Stop groaning.

Thanks GOD for IMDB.com,that's all I've got to say.From now on I will trust this source with all my movie-related question needs.After running a fruitless search on"Wachoski AND Brothers OR Siblings OR Larry OR Andy updated in the past six months"to see if the Great Ones were up to anything after eons of inactivity(it's a tough fandom to follow,believe me),I ran another search,tacking on"new movie projects".


Here's the dish:They wrote a script adaptation of Speed Racer,that old 1960's classic anime with the kid who races(yeah,I don't rememeber either,but I know the commercial where he's racing and they dubbed over the voices so some chick named Trixie and a monkey are telling Speed Racer they just saved hundreds on car insurance).There's not a lot of information out right now,because it's still in pre-production,but I found a few sources that say they're directing,but IMDB says Richard Donner is.

This is big.For any of you who don't know,he's been a big-shot movie director forever.BUT...he directed Assassins in 1995,which the Wachowski's wrote the original script for.He threw the script out and had some other guy re-work it completely(I've read both versions online,and I prefer the original one overall),which made the Wachowskis mad,which made them decide they'd only write stuff if they could direct it themselves in the future.That lead to Bound which lead to The Matrix,and here we are.Interestingly,I found someone else reporting on this who gave this quote from Joel Silver,the Wachowski's money-provider/friend/producer/cohort-slash-whatever,you get the picture.This is the quote,along with the guy's response to it:

'Silver also had this to say in the interview, regarding the Wachowskis: "They said they'd never work again the Matrix sequels." If you can figure out what the hell that sentence is supposed to mean, you're a better person than I am. I'm trying to figure out why Joel Silver speaks like Yoda.'

Meaning they'd never again direct??Maybe this guy got a typo-ed quote.In any case,they didn't direct V for Vendetta.

Back to the main thing.The Wachowskis seem to have made up with Richard Donner,probably come to some kind of agreement now that they've got some weight to throw around in Hollywood.Otherwise,it's gonna be live-action,Vince Vaughn is gonna be in it(Vince Vaughn in a Wachowski movie???)and it's scheduled for release in 2008(IF all goes according to plan and we don't have another one of those weird schedule changes out of nowhere like we did with VfV).

I am one very happy Marisa.^__^
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Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Subject:I knew I shouldn't have come to work today
Time:7:11 pm.
Mood: still embarrassed and awkward.
I almost stayed home from work because I'm still getting rid of that thing I had on Wednesday and Thursday,but I went because I needed the hours.After several hours of blowing my nose and using hand sanitizer,a very nice young man comes up to me and asks me if I speak Spanish.I found the staff memeber who does,and we figured out what he wanted.We're talking on the way back to my section,mostly because I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of him.He's my age,but a year lower than me in school because he doesn't have a full command of English.He ends up asking me for my phone number.

Oh my God,I got asked out by a patron.I'm the Hot Library Girl.

There's a few ways to look at this:

GOOD:I got asked out
BAD:I got asked out by a guy I don't know.Who doesn't speak English very well.
GOOD:He was kind of cute and well dressed
BAD:I don't know him and he doesn't speak English very well.

I said,"I'm sorry,Miguel,I don't date patrons."

WHY do I only get asked out by guys who
a.)are clinically retarded(seriously)
b.)are under the age of ten or
c.)don't speak English and are probably hoping that if we get married,he'll gain citizenship?

This is the first time a guy has asked me for my number.Can you tell I'm starved for male attention?

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Friday, November 17th, 2006

Subject:I love my cat
Time:11:20 pm.
Mood: amused.
Comet's seen me spray Lysol on spots where he's had an accident after I clean it up.Today I hear the cabinet banging open and closed,and then something clatter to the floor.Mom and me and Chelsea were all in the living room,so it couldn't have been any of us.We went"COMET!",and I went to check it out.

My baby cat had pulled the Lysol out of the cabinet to tell me to clean his litterbox.

I love him.
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Monday, November 6th, 2006

Subject:::rocks back and forth in a fetal position::
Time:6:10 pm.
Mood: weirded out.
OooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhmyGod,these people are so crazy.

Read the whole past few days.

Why do I associate with these people??
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Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Subject:In which Marisa displays her craziness yet again
Time:3:02 pm.
Mood: insane.
Sorry I haven't posted in so long.I have NO time at all whatsoever.I've only been able to really use the computer for school purposes.But I saw something in the TGIF today I just HAD to post about.

I can't believe I've never told anyone this joke.I've had it running in my head for a couple years now,but I don't seem to have told anybody,ever.So you probably won't find this as funny as I do.No one ever seems to find this kind of thing as funny as I do.Urgh.SO...

I was thinking to myself a few years ago how there's all these Canadian performers with weird first names.I came up with three prime examples:Keanu Reeves,Alanis Morissette,and Avril Lavigne.No one else in the world has those names.And they're all Canadian,and they're all performers.So I made them into a little club I call The Canadian Performers with Weird First Names Club.None of them knows they're in it,but what the heck.I've thought of evicting Avril from the club,because I've had a few people tell me she's not the only person in the world with that name,so if that's the case,I can make it the Generation-X Canadian Performers with Weird First Names.Then again,two people isn't a very exciting club.Anyway(this is the kind of thing that goes on in my brain all day long),today I read in the TGIF that there's this movie out today.Here's what the little blurb said:

"ALSO OPENING THIS WEEKEND:The Great Warming--(Not Rated,2 hours)Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette narrate this documentary on the dangers of global warming.Blah blah blah blah."(Obviously,I added the blah blahs to shorten it.)

I was hysterical when I read this,but NOBODY WILL THINK IT'S AS FUNNY AS I DO!!It's hysterical because I've had this joke in my head for years--years!!--and it's so random to stick these two people together!!Why these two people of all the celebrities in the world?!Someone is probing my brainwaves.I've said this before,and I'll say it again.Only now I think someone in Hollywood has a subscription to my brainwaves.As in,"I subscribe to Time,People Magazine,and Marisa's brainwaves."There's someone--or likely,several someones--driving around Los Angeles tuning in their expensive little satelite radio to my brain."Oh,I'm out of ideas.Let's see what Marisa has!"(And the funny thing is,my station is banned in Washington DC,where all the good stuff needs to go.)It's driving me crazy.If you see me walking around with aluminum foil wrapped around my head,this is why.
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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Time:9:43 pm.
Mood: amused.
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
KRSONMar goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as some abstract concept.
imaragingpsycho tricks you! You get a wet rag.
kristi222222 gives you 15 milky white apple-flavoured gummy bats.
meowchu tricks you! You lose 10 pieces of candy!
morbidmoony gives you 1 light yellow vanilla-flavoured gummy worms.
neko_maiden tricks you! You lose 2 pieces of candy!
nikkibot gives you 11 blue lime-flavoured jawbreakers.
robintutt gives you 7 red-orange cinnamon-flavoured nuggets.
KRSONMar ends up with 22 pieces of candy, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Are we all not acting our age and going trick-or-treating again this year?
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Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Time:10:08 pm.
Mood: not supposed to be on LJ.
You scored as Neo, the "One". Neo is the computer hacker-turned-Messiah of the Matrix. He leads a small group of human rebels against the technology that controls them. Neo doubts his ability to lead but doesn't want to disappoint his friends. His goal is for a world where all men know the Truth and are free from the bonds of the Matrix.


Neo, the "One"


Indiana Jones


Batman, the Dark Knight


William Wallace




The Terminator


Captain Jack Sparrow


El Zorro


The Amazing Spider-Man


James Bond, Agent 007


Lara Croft


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com

I only got 46% on Zorro,though.]:-(
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Friday, September 15th, 2006

Subject:In re:Josh's rehab
Time:1:21 pm.
Mood: tickled.
Just got this in the mail from David Hitzig at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary:

"Dear Marisa R_______,
On behalf of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary,allow me to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your recent donation of $5.00 to help"Josh"the turtle.Our non-profit organization exists only through the generous contributions from caring people like you."

That was the first paragraph.It was mostly a form letter,but I thought that was sorta funny/cute.

It was only five dollars!
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