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Essence of Marisa:Recorded

A peek into what REALLY goes on up there

15 April 1989
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My name is Marisa,I am currently 18,and I live in Florida.I live with my mom and younger sister,my cat Comet,and my dog Artie.

I go to Jupiter High School,and I have a mild case of Tourette Syndrome and OCD with a little bit of ADD.(That last part is why I rant so much in my posts and go off on tangents.My motto:Life is too short to stay on topic.)I'm kind of introverted;I'm very awkward in new social situations,but not around my close-knit,small circle of established friends.For this reason,I socialize better on the Internet than in the real world(nerd alert).I'm very intelligent--or at least,that's what everyone I talk to tells me.I'm also excessively vain at times.(Can you tell?;-))I'm also very facetious--I'm un-serious a lot of the time.One of the biggest mistakes a person can make,in my opinion,is to take everything too seriously and ask to be taken too seriously.So if I say something and it seems serious,chances are,it's not.

I hope to be a writer when I grow up,and I do most of my self-expression through this blog.It's also a way of staying in touch with my friends,in addition to being a sort of almost-journal-diary-type-thing that I write stuff I don't mind making public in.My other interests are listed further down on the page,in the usual spot.Thanks for reading my blog!;-D

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